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Did you know?

1.  The majority of children and families in Alberta currently participate in the unlicensed system, we believe, for a variety of reasons. There has not been a substantive consultation with all parents, providers, and stakeholders to clearly identify the driving factors behind childcare choice in Alberta.  The consultations to date have only focused within the licensed system. 


2. Unlicensed dayhomes are legally allowed to operate in the province with no minimum standards or oversights, with the exception of the number of children a provider is allowed to care for (limited to 6, not including their own children). 

3.  Unlicensed dayhome providers are often barred from accessing resources and support due to a lack of recognition of the type of care they provide.

Mackenzy's Legacy believes we can build a system that recognizes the valuable work that all committed providers contribute, regardless of the care setting.  We believe that all our children deserve a high-quality system where they are safe, secure, and supported.   

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